Natural Healing Knee Sleeve by Medifit™️
Six features of Natural Healing Knee Sleeve by Medifit™️
Natural Healing Knee Sleeve by Medifit™️
Six features of Natural Healing Knee Sleeve by Medifit™️

Medifit™️ Natural Healing Knee Sleeve

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Natural Comfort and Relief for Torn Meniscus

Lady wearing Medifit™️ Natural Healing Knee Sleeve for Comfort and Relief from Torn Meniscus

Also referred to as a cartilage tear, a meniscus tear can occur as a result of a forceful twist or rotation of the knee. Experience a natural Breakthrough in Knee Comfort with the Medifit™️ Heat and Massage Knee Sleeve, equipped with Dual vibration motors for an unparalleled soothing experience. Crafted to alleviate knee discomfort and elevate overall well-being, this innovative solution offers a range of customizable options.

Natural Healing Therapy at Your Fingertips

With precision-engineered heating levels and vibration intensities, perfectly calibrated to your individual knee requirements, the Medifit™️ Heat and Massage Knee Sleeve takes on knee arthritis pain and actively fosters the healing process. The synergy of dynamic heat and targeted massage presents a potent remedy for arthritis, swelling, joint pain, and muscle stiffness.

Lady experiencing 2 in 1 therapy feature of Medifit™️ Knee Sleeve for natural healing

Upgraded Features for Supreme Comfort

Embrace a new level of relief through the Medifit™️ Heat and Massage Knee Sleeve's dual-powered vibration massage and soothing heat application.

Upgraded Features of Medifit™️ Natural Healing Knee Sleeve provides Supreme Comfort to all knee problems

These harmonious elements collaborate to minimize discomfort, boost flexibility, and alleviate swelling, guaranteeing an unmatched degree of comfort.

Ultimate Assurance for All Ages

Elder couple enjoyinh pain relief after using Medifit™️ Natural Healing Knee Sleeve as it provides Ultimate Assurance for All Ages

Engineered with a reinforced stabilizer, the Medifit™️ Heat and Massage Knee Sleeve ensures unwavering security for your knee cap, establishing a foundation of stability. Its versatile design facilitates precision thermal compression, extending from knee to thigh or calf, without compromising your freedom of movement.

Seamless Customization for Your Preferences:

six customizable options in Medifit™️ Natural Healing Knee Sleeve

Featuring dual integrated vibration massage motors, the Medifit™️ Heat and Massage Knee Sleeve grants effortless control over three distinct vibration intensity levels – from gentle (green) to comfortable (blue), and invigorating (red). Empowered by a convenient USB interface, this solution delivers relief directly to you, anywhere and anytime, by connecting to a power bank.

Personalized Heat Therapy, Your Way:

Lady feeling pain relief as Medifit™️ Natural Healing Knee Sleeve provides personalized therapy from 4 different knee problems

Experience the ultimate comfort and relief with the Medifit™️ Heat and Massage Knee Sleeve, designed to cater to your knee's specific needs and enhance your well-being.

Tailor your experience with meticulous control over three thoughtfully designed heating levels using the adapter(Utilize the AC adapter directly with the following fixed output: 8.4V/1.2A):

  1. Red high temperature: 65°C
  2. Blue medium temperature: 55°C
  3. Green low temperature: 45°C

(Please be aware that there might be a temperature measurement error of 4-7℉ due to variations in measurement instruments and positions. The provided temperature values are for reference only. It is essential to carefully manage the temperature according to your needs. Prolonged use of the highest setting (red light) is not recommended. We suggest using the medium temperature setting (blue light) for hot therapy and limiting usage to 1-3 hours per day)

Washing Instructions:

  1. Hand wash the heated pad brace using water; avoid machine washing.
  2. To prevent damage to the insulator of the heating conductor, do not expose it to direct sunlight, open flames, or ironing.

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